Welcome To Empowerment!

Firstly, thank you so much for visiting us.

Our aim is to empower YOU!

Discuss and be supported in current problems, painful past issues and other situations that may revolve mental health issues. Identify and understand key areas of your wellbeing that needs your attention, set and work towards your goals and feel better within yourself.

Utilise the variety of approaches in therapy to maximise change and help you manage better. Time to discover and learn more about yourself. Your trauma matters and so does your healing!

“Felt like I was listened to and supported. I was made to feel comfortable enough to talk to about my problems and how I was feeling. I didn’t feel judged, I felt I was given genuine support.”

“It was nice to talk to somebody who not only listened to me but gave me support. I felt like I was talking to my friend not a counsellor.”

“I feel like the sessions have really helped me become more positive, I am really happy and satisfied with my therapist, she has really helped me to overcome some of my barriers and see things differently.”

“My experience has been very good, very good to speak. I definitely needed this.”

“Thank you for the opportunity to have therapy it helped me a lot, your stuff is very good and you are a very good listener. And tips you shared are very helpful in everyday life.”

“The experience has helped me to not be ashamed of my situation and open up. The sessions have also helped me to remember what I have achieved and overcome, when most of the time I always focus on the bad or worst aspects. Thank you”

“Helpful, listened well and very understanding, she is caring.”

“I found talking really helpful.”

“If I knew what I knew now back then I would have done stuff different but I won’t live in the past anymore. I just won’t let the same things happen again, I will keep moving forward. Thank you.”

“Realised how far I’ve come, might have future problems but it’s how I deal with them, it’s fine to get anxious, I just need to take a day at a time. Feel this experience of therapy has been more helpful and collaborative.”

What Is Counselling?

We provide a safe and professional environment where you can step into your whole self and open your mind to discuss what you wish. This could include many things such as; gaining clarity, be listened to why you express your thoughts and feelings, process difficult situations and tell your story, work towards a specific goal or to feel better, comfortably cry in one moment, reflect and see joy in another.

The counselling process is led by you and will go at your pace.

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